Our story

In 2010, three outdoor enthusiasts in Oulu, Finland were thinking about how to stay comfortably warm during winter outdoor activities without thick and clumsy winter clothes. They also thought about how it would be possible to avoid the frequent adding and subtracting of clothes in winter's fluctuating weather conditions. As a result of the trio's deliberations, Nevercold International was born. NEVERCOLD products include electronic heated clothing and disposable hand and toe warmers.

Electronic NEVERCOLD thermal clothing and hand and toe warmers bring more heat energy to the body when the body's own heat production is not sufficient. Traditional winter clothes, on the other hand, do not bring any additional heat to the body at all, but only slow down the removal of existing heat from the body. In other words, traditional winter clothing only insulates, but NEVERCOLD truly warms.

The operating principle of NEVERCOLD products is based on long-term research results of modern cold physiology. Oulu, the hometown of NEVERCOLD, has long been one of the world's leading cold physiology research centers.

The sales of NEVERCOLD products started in Finland, but quickly expanded to international markets as well. Currently, NEVERCOLD products are sold for both professional and leisure use in numerous specialty stores and online stores in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.