Electronic NEVERCOLD Vermont thermal mittens

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NOTE: NEVERCOLD Vermont is a discontinued product. All sizes are out of stock. However, you can still get the Nevercold Vermont thermal mittens from our following dealers:


The electronic NEVERCOLD Vermont heated mittens are designed for extreme winter conditions, where maximum warmth is most important. In addition to continuous use, they are particularly well suited as fast-acting warming mittens when you have to work with your bare hands in freezing weather, for example ice fishing or outdoor work that requires dexterity.

The NEVERCOLD Vermont mittens have very efficient heating elements above fingers and on the back of the hand, so the heat is evenly and pleasantly distributed inside the mittens. The thermal insulation of the mittens is 100 grams Thinsulate™ insulation. The outer surface of the back of the mittens is made of very durable nylon fabric and the palm side of genuine leather. The inner lining is pleasantly soft polyester fabric.

The battery pockets of the NEVERCOLD Vermont mittens are at the wrist. The heating system is powered with efficient and compact lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are charged either with the two-battery mains charger supplied with the gloves, or with the car charger available as an accessory. Charging two batteries consumes only about 0.04 kWh of energy, so even at very high (50 c/kWh) electricity prices, the charging cost is only a couple of cents.

NEVERCOLD Vermont mittens have a three-stage temperature control. The heating intensity is selected with the push button on the wrist. The color of the light on the push button indicates the selected heating intensity. At full power, the operating time is about 2 hours. At the lowest power, the operating time is about 4 hours. The heating can also be switched off completely at the push button when it is not needed.


  • carbon fiber heating elements above the fingers and on the back of the palm
  • 3-stage temperature control, adjustment button on the wrist
  • operating time 2-4 hours depending on the heating power
  • the back side of the outer surface made of durable nylon fabric, the palm side made of genuine leather
  • inner lining of soft polyester fabric
  • 100 grams Thinsulate™ insulation
  • velcro tightening on the wrist
  • 1800 mAh / 7.4 V (DC) lithium-ion batteries (type 25B) 2 pcs, charging time with mains charger approx. 5 h
  • 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz mains charger for two batteries, EU plug
  • user manual in Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian
  • warranty 1 year, battery warranty 6 months
  • sizes: XS7, S8, M9, L10, XL11

Package contents: mittens, 2 batteries, mains charger, user manual

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