NEVERCOLD adhesive toe warmer 9h

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NEVERCOLD toe warmers are used inside the footwear as a comfortable and effective source of additional heat. The warmer pad has an adhesive surface, which helps it stay in place under the sock.

NEVERCOLD toe warmers are small white pads of porous material, with a mixture of vermiculite, iron powder, wood powder, activated carbon and salt inside. When the sales package surrounding the warmer pad is opened, the mixture can react with the air, causing heat to form. The reaction continues on its own for 9 hours. Heat generation can be stopped by moving the warmer pad to an oxygen-free place, e.g. an airtight minigrip bag, so you can continue using the warmer later.


  • activated by air when the package is opened
  • reaches operating temperature in about 5 minutes
  • operating time 9 hours
  • average temperature 36 °C
  • non-toxic and odorless
  • two warmers in the package
  • made in Japan

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